Adelaide make’s Wikitravel’s top 5

In what appears to be  a major surprise to everyone, Adelaide has made the top 5 destinations globally on the Wikitravel website. Not only has Adelaide made it to the top 5 on this website, but it has also made it to the top 10 destinations in other lists as well.

So what makes Adelaide so special? Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, and is one of the lesser known cities in Australia behind Sydney and Melbourne. The city has such a variety of things to do and see that it becomes clearer why this city is so popular with visitors.

One of the first places many people like to visit is Glenelg, a long golden beach with a excellent atmosphere and beautiful swimming water. If you’re not a beach person you can drive an hour in the other direction and wind your way through the Adelaide hills. Museums in Adelaide are also plentiful with many options available for you to get a good history of Adelaide as well as Australia as a whole.

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